UltraPPM LITE Positive Pressure Filtration System-10083 Group

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10083 Group

UltraPPM LITE Positive Pressure Filtration System



The Precise Positive Pressure Manifold Filtration System The UltraPPM LITE is the latest in cutting-edge manifold design, instilling confidence in sample processing for chromatography workflows. This positive pressure manifold maintains a uniform pressure across all filter wells, guaranteeing a seamless flow of samples for maximum analyte recovery. Offering the flexibility to fine-tune settings, the UltraPPM LITE puts you in control, enabling you to reliably process your samples effortlessly and proceed to downstream processes with full confidence. Features • Dual range controls for flow and pressure • Precise and uniform delivery of air flow from manifold head • Interchangeable heads for 24, 48, 96, 384-well processing • Open design for real-time visual confirmation of sample flow through • 2 button operation feature for safety and prevention of accidental processing

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