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Technical Information

         Ionsons           Type I Clear (33)  Type I Amber (51)    Colorolor                          Clear   Amber
         Na                    0.3 - 0.5       0.4 - 1.4           Linear Coeffi  cient of Expansion   33      51
         K                      ND*            ND - 0.02           Strain Point (Degrees Celsius)      515     535
         Ca                     ND             ND - 0.1            USP Class Type                     Type I  Type  I
         Mg                     ND               ND                Light Protection                    No      Yes
         Al                     ND             ND - 0.5
         Fe                     ND               ND
         Ba                     ND             ND - 0.02
         Zn                     ND
         Mn                     ND               ND
         Si                     ND              ND - 5
                            Results in μg/mL
        *Non detectable

                                                   PLASTIC PROPERTIES
         Type of Plasticype of Plastic  LDPE           HDPE               PP             PMP               PS
         Max. use temperature, C/F   80°C/176°F      120°C/248°F      135°C/275°F      175°C/347°F      90°C/194°F
         Transparency                Translucent      Translucent     Translucent        Clear            Clear
                Autoclaving             No               No              Yes              Yes              No
                Disinfectants           Yes              Yes             Yes              Yes              No
                 Dry Heat               No               No              No               Yes              No
                 Radiation              Yes              Yes             No*              No               Yes
         Specifi c Gravity              0.92            0.95             0.90             0.83            1.05
         Flexilibity**                 Good             Rigid            Rigid           Rigid            Rigid
        Note:  Chart is general guideline only.
        * = Some radiation resistant polypropylene resins available.
        **Flexibility = Depends on thickness.

                                                    SEPTA SELECTION GUIDE
         M                                  Compatability                   Incompatibility             PP
         Silicone                   Alcohols, acetone, ether, DMF, DMSO  ACN, THF, chloroform, pyridine,   VERY GOOD
                                                                     benzene, toluene, hexane, heptane
         PTFE/Silicone            PTFE resistance until punctured, then septa                       VERY GOOD
         PTFE/Silicone/PTFE         or liner will have silicone compatibility                       VERY GOOD
         Rubber (Natural Butyl)        ACN, Acetone, DMF, alcohols,   Chlorinated solvents, aromatics,   EXCELLENT
                                       Diethylamine, DMSO, Phenol     hydrocarbons, carbon disulfi de
         Natural PTFE/Natural Rubber  PTFE resistance until punctured, then septa                   VERY GOOD
         Butyl Rubber/PTFE          or liner will have rubber compatibility                         VERY GOOD
         Viton                     Chlorinated solvents, benzene, toluene,   DMF, DMSO, ACN, THF, pyridine   VERY GOOD
                                        alcohols, hexane, heptane      dioxidane, methanol, acetone

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         vi                  Engineered and manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 certifi ed guidelines
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