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Technical Information

                   Vial Finish Specifi cations

                         Standard Screw Th read Finish                            Standard Crimp Seal Finish
                                Defi nitions                                           Defi nitions
                   “T”   = Outer diameter of the thread                    “T”   = Outer diameter of the thread
                   “E”   = Inside diameter of the thread                   “E”   = Inside diameter of the thread
                   “ID” = Inside diameter                                  “ID” = Inside diameter
                   “S”    = Start of thread                                “S”    = Start of thread
                   “H”  = Distance from top of fi nish to shoulder         “H”  = Distance from top of fi nish to shoulder
                               for closure clearance                                   for closure clearance

                   Screw Th read Finishes

                   GPI refers to the “Glass Packaging Institute.”    Typical GPI fi nishes found in the chromatography fi eld are
                                                                     as follows:
                      Th  e GPI is responsible for establishing and issuing   8-425 Closure - Varian, Shimadzu
                      standards for the types and fi nishes produced by
                      American glass manufacturers.                      10-425 Closure - Waters Alliance 2690

                      For example, an 8-425 neck fi nish is approximately   13-425 Closure - Waters 48 position WISP™, Shimadzu
                      8mm in diameter across the outside of the threads.
                                                                         Note:  9mm thread fi nish does not appear in the GPI fi nishes.  It is
                      Th  e 425 represents the fi nish (style of thread).  not a standard fi nish. Th  e 9mm closure and vial are used with Agilent

                   Glass Technical Information

                      Borosilicate - A glass that is high in silicate and having   Type I - Borosilicate glass represents the least reactive glass. Type
                      at least 5% boron oxide.                       I glass has the least pH shift . (Lowest leaching characteristics)
                                                                         Coeffi  cient of Expansion = 33 or 51 for Clear and 51
                      Linear Coeffi  cient of Expansion - Fractional change in  for Amber
                      length of glass per degree change in temperature.
                                                                     Type III - soda lime glass - cannot be autoclaved.
                      Strain Point - Maximum temperature to which glass
                      should be heated during use.                   Type NP - general purpose soda-lime glass used where chemical
                                                                     durability and heat shock are not factors.
                   Type of Glass                                         Coeffi  cient of Expansion = 92
                      USP Type - Pharmaceutical glass containers can be
                      classifi ed as USP Type I, II, III or NP.
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